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  • Deadlifting
    Individual Training Plans VS. Group Classes - Part 1

    I'm not here to demonize group fitness classes, but simply to point out the differences between individual training plan...

  • Muscle up drill 2 horizontal hips
    Muscle Up Progression

    If you don't have your first muscle up yet, I'm going to give you an easy to follow 4-week muscle up progression that sh...

  • Individualized Programming
    Individualized Programming

    You might be wondering how  much work actually goes into individualized programming and design.  It depends. It depend...

  • Training
    Make Training a Priority - Find Out How

    If you're interested in competing in "Fitness" Competitions or any "Fitness" activity and you want to do well, you need ...

  • Kneeling Pallof Press
    All Things Pallof Press

    If you haven't heard of the Pallof Press, let me tell you why this amazing exercise should be an important part of almos...

  • Deadbugs
    Deadbugs: What You're Doing Wrong and How to Fix It

    Photo by FromSandToGlass <--- You'll see I've emphasized the name of this movement to reinforce it as your new favori...

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